This page is a resource of recipes and lifestyle suggestions that will enhance the effectiveness of your current treatment plan and benefit your overall health.

Our daily routine, our outlook on life and on ourselves and our activities can be powerful medicinal remedies! Below are examples of some remedies for the physical, energetic and emotional levels of the bodies.


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Kitchen Apothecary

Herbal medicine does no have to be complicated. You may not realize it but the kitchen can be a powerful apothecary...a medicine cabinet to assist us on our healing path. We put food into our bodies regularly and, as a result, treating food as our medicine is one of the most powerful ways to change the state of our health. Why not make the food that we eat something that will heal us rather than hurt us? 

                             A Few Simple Powerful Remedies

Ginger Tea-warming, releases the exterior, harmonizes the spleen

Golden Milk-an ayurvedic recipe that is anti-inflammatory


Kitchari-a medicinal dish made with rice, mung beans and herbs that harmonizes the system and, like congee, is easily digested

Mint Tea-cooling, soothing to the liver

Radish-disperses and clears phlegm 

Bone Broth-helps to nourish kidney yin and yang, qi and blood. Rebuilding, nurturing.


Morning Routine

Meditation  Mindfulness  Movement

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