Transformational Journey 



The Transformational Journey is a “staycation journey” in that you remain in Tucson, as you travel within on potential to be one of the deepest and expanding therapeutic journeys that you have embarked upon. It all depends on your level of commitment to the practices offered. 














Who this is for : Those wanting to focus on a specific vision and goal

Results : Enhanced Inspiration, Physical Mental Emotional & Spiritual Renewal

Duration : 6-8 months, other timeline options can be arranged based upon your particular situation




What is included :

-Personalized game plan meeting with follow up documentation and

on boarding package (275 value)

-2 House Calls (700)

-5 (20-30 minute) Zoom/Skype/Facetime calls (300)

-5 (60 minute) guided movement sessions, tailored for your comfort (750)

-5 (45-60minute) personalized sound sessions (500)

-15 (90 minute) in office healing sessions (2430)




personal investment : 4955

payment option : 3 payments of 1675 for the first 3 months

         520.647.4833 (text, E-mail or call for an appointment)


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