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Promotes neurological activity

Encourages relaxation

Fosters social interactions 

Inspires creativity


Sensory Circles are interactive presentations for seniors that stimulate the senses for therapeutic recreation  and memory care.




Stimulating the senses and evoking memories has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of a broad spectrum of mental, physical and emotional issues from pain, stress and depression to neuro-degenerative disorders such as dementia and alzheimers.

I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.~ Maya Angelou

Excercises include Sensory Trivia & Reminiscence  that asks participants to remember common song lyrics, identify objects with touch only and to name aromas such as cinnamon, vanilla and frankincense. 

Senses Activated

Sight (Visual Stimulation) – Vision is our most important sense, the one through which we gain most of our information. To stimulate vision we use fresh flowers, brightly colored textiles and beautiful musical instruments.

Hearing (Auditory Stimulation) – To engage the sense of hearing, we play live music including harp, didgeridoo, drums, flute, lyre, kalimba and crystal bowls. We lead the group in vocalizing and toning which adds to each person's vibratory experience as well as strengthening their respiratory system. 

Smell (Olfactory Stimulation) – Some of our strongest memories, our most potent associations, are triggered by odor. We bring a variety of essential oils that include frankincense, rose and chamomile for the smelling pleasure of all.

Taste (Gustatory Stimulation) – For this sense we offer rose, lavender, orange blossom and chocolate hydrosols (pure botanical water based infusions) as a spray for everyone to taste.


Touch (Tactile Stimulation) – Anything touched and anything that touches us can be stimulating. Throughout the sensory circle, we provide an array of textured objects and sound tools that can be felt vibrating.

Proprioception  This sense informs us where the parts of our body are and how they are moving. Included is the sense of effort, the sense of force, and the sense of heaviness. Interwoven with joyful movement to live music we also pass objects around the circle with different weights and densities. 

Somatosensation (Pressure & temperature) – Chilled textured objects along with dense heated pillows moving on and off the body activate this sense. 

We are Serena Gabriel and Kep Taiz. The two of us have combined our passion, skills and experience in the fields of health, sound therapy and the arts to create Sensory Circles.

We are happy to discuss presenting at your facility or special event.


Kep Taiz  is an inventor, musician and pioneer in the field of therapeutic vibro-acoustics. His intrigue with heightened states of awareness led to the creation of the multi sensory experience called the Sensorium. This unique apparatus and service has been endorsed by Andrew Weil  M.D, featured in the Wall Street Journal, De Young Fine Arts Museum and offered as a spa service for Miraval resort. He has led art workshops for the Tucson Museum Of Art,  juvenile detention centers, and for world renowned Canyon Ranch resort.  

Serena Gabriel is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, sound therapist, trained hospice worker, performing and recording artist and a yoga instructor. She has been offering sensory stimulating and therapeutic experiential presentations for over 15 years. Serena works with seniors, those with special needs, children and with people of all ages. Her work has gained the notice of many assisted living centers and, as a result, was asked to present a continuing education course for nurses on sensory circles.


Serena Gabriel became a hospice volunteer with my program more than six years ago.

She has such a unique way of touching people and especially those with dementia. When she performs, everyone in the house comes alive. 

Nancy Curran, certified PAC (Teepa Snow) Dementia Trainer and 9 years Hospice Volunteer Coordinator.



Vibroacoustic therapy uses sound to produce mechanical vibrations that resonate through the body, causing physiological and psychological effects. The Taiz Sensorium is a  breakthrough in delivering nourishing frequencies to the whole body and brain. The kinetic design of the machine and gentle method of the practitioner make it possible to treat sensitive areas, including the spinal column, hands, and feet. The full spectrum of sound is both heard and felt, which calms the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation. The Sensorium allows you to experience the most profound effects of music on your body and mind.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

Serena has an amazing gift for working with seniors. She is dedicated to her work and has developed a wonderful relationship with the residents she works with. Her group has grown since she first started, and residents now ask when she is coming, to make sure they don’t miss her classes. I would recommend Sensory Circles to any senior living community as a great addition to their exercise and wellness program.

Hope Tapia, AP – BC
Brookdale Santa Catalina

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