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Healing Sessions

The focus of the healing session is based on your personal treatment plan. Healing sessions are a therapeutic journey and an entry into the healing field where one can experience relaxation, revelation, emotional release and deep peace. 

Rejuvenation and reset in multiple aspects of your life are the outcome of regular healing sessions while occasional sessions are inspiring and nurturing on the physical and energetic levels.


Healing Sessions include :



Acutonics & Sound Therapy


Acupressure (back, ears, legs & feet) 

Cupping (if needed)



After your session, there is a 15 minute window that we can use for any questions that you may have or to share thoughts and revelations.


90-105 mins Initial Consult and Session : 150


90 minutes :125

package of 10 : 1000*

package of 5 : 565

60 mins : 100

package of 10 : 800

package of 5 : 450

*packages of 10 are 20% off and packages of 5 are approximately 10% off


House Call (approx 15 min set up, 60min session,15mins sharing, 15min pack up) (within a 10 mile radius) : 300



Other Offerings


Cupping Massage


45 minutes cupping and acupressure massage.


*With choice of grapeseed oil, cbd oil and/or essential oils. : 80




45 minutes reiki and acutonics session : 80


Sound Therapy/Sound Journey


 45 mins : 80



Phone/Online Session


45 mins coaching (ie physical, energetic) , distance reiki & energy work, sound &/or movement support : 80

*See the Virtual Sessions page for more detail





Cancellation Policy : %50 of session rate for same day cancellations

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