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Virtual Sessions

Sometimes we may not be able to meet up in person. I offer various options such as recordings or live online/phone sessions if preferred or needed.

These sessions can occur on the phone, Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook video messenger . 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Distance Reiki/Energy Healing : This session is perfect for any occasion where you may feel the need for balance, an energy boost, clarity, support, guidance, personal empowerment or a tune up whether it is on the physical, mental, energetic or spiritual level. This session includes a check in, intuitive energy work (reiki, quantum healing, sound therapy) and any advice or recommendations needed.


45 minutes - 80

Guided Meditation : Our minds are extremely powerful and we are barely tapping into the depth of its capabilities. Guided meditations are one of the ways that we can begin to explore the mind's ability. Visualization give us the ability to reset, destress, find clarity, set powerful intentions and to put into motion the blooming of positive outcomes. I love to support people in this process through loving and intuitive guided meditations.


45 minutes - 80

Custom Guided Meditation Recording : As a sound healer and performing/recording artist, I have the ability to provide the unique offering of custom guided meditations and healing frequency recordings.

We will first have a consultation to discuss what you would like to address and then I will begin to put together your custom recording(s). 

1 recording - 125

Package of 3 - 300

*Please allow up to 3 days to receive your unique, personalized recording




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